At ExcelJeso Solutions, we consider ourselves your partners, and we take care of your technology so that you can focus on your customers’ needs. The goal of every member of our team is to maximise your productivity, increase your profits, and most of all, futureproof your business.

ExcelJeso Solutions offers a complete service in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). We take care of your technology so that your workforce is free to focus on your customers’ needs, build productivity, grow profits, and embark on the journey to Digital Transformation.

Our track record of reliability, stability and consistency speaks for itself. ExcelJeso Solutions had been running since 2010, when the company was registered to carry out ICT Solutions in Nigeria. The company has been consistency in her goal to provider perfect solutions to all Information and Communications related problems.

During these periods, ExcelJeso Solutions has carried out so many solutions such as: Healthcare Management Organization Enterprise Solutions; Online Payment Gateway; Cheque Writing Application; Online Stock Taken Application; Call Center Call Log Solutions; School Result Application; Student Academic Performance Evaluation Application; Human Resource Management System; SMS Gateway Solutions; Automated Backup Storage System; Residential Letting and Management Web Portal (e-commerce); Criminal Justice System; Company Invoicing and Pro Forma System; Hotel Management Software; Employee Payroll and Management System; Event Tracking Online Application; Content Management System; to mention but a few.



We are passionate about what we do. We build on the shared knowledge, experience, and perspectives of the whole team. We lead by example, attitude, and commitment. Our strategic aspiration is to become Africa’s number 1 digital transformation partner and we are dedicated to finding the right people to walk this road with us. Our believe is that there is no problem without solution.



ExcelJeso Solutions is manage by top experience IT Professional, some of the best technology and business minds in Nigeria, each dedicated to developing customised and effective digital solutions that will take your organisation into the future. Our leaders are supported by Solutions and Strategy Architects, Portfolio Managers, Network Engineers and Integration Specialists, along with others, all dedicated to making your Digital Transformation journey seamless and sustainable.



At ExcelJeso Solutions we know workforce productivity is your measure of success. Collaborative, people-centric user experiences can enable the firms to engage with customers in amazing ways to deliver smarter service and fix issues faster than ever before.

With ExcelJeso Solutions you can build your application to suit your business need in order to boosting workforce productivity. Just tell us what you want and it is done for you.